The Coolest EDU Space Products Around!

The Coolest EDU Space Products Around!

So money’s no object?- Lucky you… Here are 6 awesome products you’d love in your learning space.

The Hokki Stool by VS

– A simply designed stool with a twist- a rounded base that allows for wobbling. Great for kids who need to move while learning.

Vertiface by Autex Industries

– Make your walls come alive! A floor to ceiling acoustic covering that doubles as a pin-able space. This is an incredible product that has a bevy of benefits which can be seen on their site. The product comes in a range of vibrant colours which will enhance any space.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 3.45.52 PM


– A really simple and cool tool to change any surface into a writable one. There are a host of ways to transform your walls or tables in whiteboards but this product is cheap and easy. NB: For best results, make sure you have flat walls before using this product!

 Cookie Pad by Furnware

– This simple, stackable pad is ideal for a flexible learning space. They are comfortable, durable and come in a range of colours. Replace hefty bean bags with these and see your space grow in size.

St Gerards 3

The Adap-table

– Okay, we couldn’t leave out our own product. But its pretty darn cool. We couldn’t find anything on the market to meet our needs, so we built it ourselves. A six seater, flexible, displayable whiteboard table!

The Node Chair by Steelcase

-Want flexibility? How about a one stop shop furniture unit? The Node chair has you covered. Uni-body, chair, desk and storage space, the Node is a re-imagining of the traditional desk/chair combo only now on wheels. Pretty darn nifty.

Are there more cool products out there? Heck yeah! If you know of a product that’s great, join the conversation and list them in the comments section below.

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