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Pedagogy Drives Change

Most educators inherit a teaching space that is a manifestation of an educational experience whose time has passed. What you do next matters.

The Case for Time

I recently read George Couros' post expounding on the importance of not only space in modern learning environments, but also time. I couldn’t agree more with Corous’ thesis. I think that while the redesign of [...]

Designing for Risk

I recently attended a learning spaces conference in Singapore. One of the keynote speakers at the conference was Japanese architect Takaharu Tezuka, known for his TED talk "The best Kindergarten you've ever seen". It was [...]

Cognitive Dissonance and the Flexible Classroom

Teaching in an extremely flexible classroom allows teachers to purposefully redesign their environment to tailor to a specific lesson. Whether that's setting the stage for collaboration, conversation or viewing the furnishings within the space are [...]

Breaking Out of Your Cell

Modern education has moved beyond the confines of traditional and industrial age classrooms as it responds to an interconnected and rapidly changing globalized world. Bells, cells and the onset of the modern classroom At the [...]

Field Trips as Learning Environments

While the four walls of a classroom often dominate this blog it is incredibly important to understand that while clever design can stimulate learning, so can the well designed use of the environment outside your [...]

The Flexible Classroom

When we talk about Modern Learning Environments one of the biggest buzz words is 'flexibility'. Modern learning spaces need to turn on a dime and work for a variety of purposes. With that in mind- [...]

How Flexible Furnishings Motivate

A well-designed learning space should have a motivating effect on the students, teachers and community members who interact with it. If we accept that space can be used to boost motivation then this surely needs to be [...]

Desks vs. Tables

In modern learning environments there is a fundamental shift occurring. The change is quite simple and is actually cost-saving for the schools and work environments that are getting onboard. It is all about moving from desks [...]

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