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Getting it all done – Hacking Furnishings

Redesigning your learning space doesn’t have to be a terribly expensive project. There are lots of opportunities to create unique furnishings that will fit your space by being creative and resourceful. Buying from established furniture [...]

The Power of Proximity

One of the great things about have a 21st century learning space with lots of choice for kid’s is the opportunity to have students explore how space affects their learning. The different spaces within a [...]

Colour in the Classroom

There is quite a healthy debate raging around colour in learning spaces. Many modern office spaces have chosen bold palettes and motifs hoping to embolden a sense of creativity or whimsy in their staff. Restaurant [...]

What Do Students Think?

Before reading this, Read Part 1 As our school moves towards re-designing our learning spaces, the classroom enhancement committee met with representatives from Grade 3 to 5 to hear the student voice. Each class was [...]

The ‘Space’ Movement

All across the world, in classrooms just like yours, people are redefining their learning spaces to accommodate the needs of modern learners. Educators and administrators are helping transform educational environments through both simple and bold [...]

Student Buy-In

Having students take ownership of their learning space is crucial in assuring that dynamic environments are used to their full potential. When I overhauled my classroom in August 2013, I made exploring physical space a priority [...]

Stand Up Stations

Quite a bit of research has been done that supports the idea that brain function is improved when standing up. These studies have concluded that standing and the slight shifting of your body allows your [...]

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