Stand Up Stations

Stand Up Stations

Quite a bit of research has been done that supports the idea that brain function is improved when standing up. These studies have concluded that standing and the slight shifting of your body allows your mind greater sustained concentration and focus.

Creating ‘Stand Up Stations’ are a great way to encourage students to work in a upright position. Stand up stations can be created easily just about anywhere. One cool way that I’ve brought them into my classroom is to use the natural window ledges of my classroom. The ledges were already about 8 inches deep which worked as a decent space for my students to place their laptops. After seeing the promise of the space I had two sections built out to increase the ledge to about a foot.

The Stand Up stations have been a huge success. Students love working collaboratively at these stations, using the window pane as a massive white board.

stand up station.001Another possibility for stand up stations would be to use the bench or cabinets you might have in your room. By removing the cabinet doors the counter might be the perfect height for your students.

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